Sierra Wild Flowers - Lake Tahoe
  Great Red Paintbrush    Scientific Name: Castilleja miniata
   Common Name: Great Red Paintbrush
   Family: Figwort
   Color: Red


Description: It is not the petals that carry paintbrush's color but its bracts. The petals are actually yellow to green two-lipped tubes beneath the bracts.

Habitat: Moist areas as high as timberline.

Edibility/Toxicity: Although paintbrush is seldom used for food or medicine today, the flowers are edible in small quantities. The plant easily absorbs selenium, a potentially toxic mineral that may be helpful in treating cancer.

Comments: Historically paintbrush was used by some Native Americans to treat rheumatism and venereal disease. As the name suggests, they also used it as a paintbrush.

Field of Great Red Paintbrush

Great Red Paintbrush

Great Red Paintbrush