Sierra Wild Flowers - Lake Tahoe
  wildflower photo    Scientific Name: Allium Validum
   Common Name: Swamp Onion
   Family: Lily
   Color: Pink to Lilac


Description: A tight umbel of 15 to 40 flowers with exserted stamens sits atop a tall, leafless stem. Long, basal, grass-like leaves grow from the bulb.

Habitat: Wet meadows and seeps.

Edibility/Toxicity: Entirely edible, but do not confuse with death camas. If it doesn't smell like onion, don't eat it.

Medicinal uses: Onions have been used medicinally for centuries as antiseptics and diuretics. They have been used to treat cuts and burns, impotency, and high cholesterol.

Comments: This tall, hardy onion has a distinct oniony odor.

Swamp Onion

Swamp Onion